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The table below provides links to both other sites where you can see interesting and topical video clips, and also to video clips taken by our own volunteers.

Please note: WiTS does not endorse the intrusion of the recommended buffer zone (reference: the provincial Raptor Best Management Practices) around an active nest site during breeding season, regardless of the location of the nest, unless this is supported by Ministry of Environment and WiTS.

Unless otherwise specified, all videos require
a high speed connection to the Internet

Species description, sounds, nesting habits & moreBald Eagles perching in high winds
(link to website, clip by Jim Dubois)

Eagles will put up with a lot of wind before they give up their favourite perch, it seems.  The westerly, as you can see, comes from behind them  here.

Species description, sounds, nesting habits & morePileated Woodpecker
(link to website, clip by Jim Dubois)

A Pileated arriving at the suet feeder. It shows how they work their way down the tree with those big clawed feet.

Species description, sounds, nesting habits & moreMale Northern Flicker and offspring 
(link to website, clip by Jim Dubois)

A male Northern Flicker tries to get his offspring to try the suet feeder for themselves, but they're much more interested in being served their meals. It looks like his plan is to show them how to go about it, then leave so they can try. They're having none of that. You can tell these are fairly young, as they've just barely begun to get their adult colours.

Species description, sounds, nesting habits & moreHeron striking at prey 
(link to website, clip by Jim Dubois)

A heron waiting motionless, then striking at its prey. They miss often, but this time it comes up with a nice little lunch, what looks like a Blennie. The estuary water here is tidal, so though the top is fresh water, the heavier salt water is underneath, with all the salt water species in it.

Species description, sounds, nesting habits & moreNewly fledged eaglet with parent
(clip by Rae Jacobson)

High Speed (1,988 Kb) or Dial Up (264 Kb)

Footage taken July 30, 2006 of a baby eagle (who is huge!) and its parent as they sat in the tree across from where we live.  He/she is a squawky little devil!  When I first heard it days ago, I thought he/she was in distress, but apparently it is just vocalizing.  In the video, the parent is on the top branch and the baby is on the lower branch.

My husband has seen the baby doing practice flights, doing landings and take offs, dropping and raising its talons in the air, and flying with food (?) in its talons.  Great entertainment.  Mind you, our neighbours who live under the tree might not think so... its ongoing squawking this morning started at 6:30 a.m. right over top their house!


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