Species description, sounds, nesting habits & moreInformation of interest to
Monitors and Landowners

Monitor Information Package
(download 99 kb .zip containing files listed below)

  • Atlas Waiver Form.doc

  • BAEA Chicks Color Age.doc

  • Bald Eagle Breeding and Nesting Biology.doc

  • Confidentiality Form.doc

  • Conservation Covenants Ann Hiller.doc

  • Eagle Dates Doug Carrick.doc

  • Monitor Package Index.doc

  • Monitor Update Sheet.xls

  • Pointers for Landowner Contact.doc

  • Project Information Sheet for Nest Tree Monitors.doc

  • Wildlife Tree Monitors Form 2007.doc

WiTS Brochure
(download 151 kb .pdf)

Okanagan Similkameen
 (download each file separately)

Wildlife Tree's in the Urban Environment: Course Workbook
(download 5.0 Mb .pdf)

WiTS Pamphlet: Bald Eagles in Nest Trees
(download 153 kb .pdf)

Landowner Contact Guide
(download 2.7 Mb .pdf)

Stewardship Agreement
(download 46 kb .doc)

Invasive species in Garry Oak and Associated Ecosystems
(Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team website)

Develop with Care Documents
(BC Ministry of the Environment ftpsite )

Raptor Best Management Practices Documents
(BC Ministry of Environment Biodiversity Branch website)

Wildlife Tree Assessor's Course Workbook
(download 959 kb .doc)



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